Wedding Galleries
Mini galleries from various weddings portfolioA selection of mini-galleries from
recent weddings and many different
wedding venues and seasons
Before and after wedding
Here are galleries of pre-wedding photo-shoots together with some 'trash the dress' and 'treasure the dress' post-wedding images.
Pre-wedding photoshoots portfolioBefore every wedding, we meet, relax, talk wedding and shoot pictures. Easy! Trash the Dress! portfolioHere's a wacky alternative
to hiding that dress away
in a box for the rest of its
Treasure the Dress! portfolioTreat the dress and yourself
to a full fashion shoot...
Personal projects
Other images I've taken, largely portraits or model shoots in developing my photographic style.
Model Shoots portfolioMagazine fashion shoots, film
and imaginative use of light appeal
and influence my style of
Personal Projects portfolioAway from weddings here are a
few of the pictures I've taken